Why We Love Nature-Inspired Minimalist Jewelry Designs

Minimalist might not be the first word that comes to mind when you think of Jewelry, but it should be. While we might not need adornments to survive, simple, elegant pieces can help us positively express ourselves. It seems like minimalism in design is all the rage these days, and the movement has touched every niche, including fashion and jewelry.

This is why Emerald Aurora sources both natural and minimalist designed boho jewelry for our shop. Part of our mission is to capture the wild free spirit of mother nature and eternalize it in artistic creations you can wear. 


How Natural And Minimal Go Hand In Hand

When dealing with nature-based designs, a minimalist approach helps you take natural elements and combine them with metals to make sure the materials take the spotlight.

For example, our enchanting Sienna Spirit Ring combines a thin circle of beveled metal with a raw stone. The result is a one-of-a-kind ring that can be worn alone or layered. You might be drawn to an AquaMarine stone known for cleansing and soothing or a protective amethyst stone, just to name a few choices.

Jewelry has been made from natural materials since the dawn of humankind. Ancient people wore the prettiest shells and stones as decorations and a symbol of status. Rings and bangles were carved from wood and included artistic markings inspired by the elements and wildlife. 


Minimalist Boho Jewelry Awakens Inner Beauty

A minimalist approach to jewelry design does away with any pretension or attention-seeking negativity and reminds us of the beauty found all around us. We believe that the perfect accessory enhances the beauty you already have within.

Our Kyoto Winter Dendritic Agate Pendant is the epitome of elegance without calling too much attention to itself. The Agate stone’s spiritual properties can bring you happiness and peace while the delicate chain hangs loosely around your neck.


Timeless Accessories That Go With Any Outfit

Choosing simple designs has another benefit; your chosen pieces will go with any outfit for any occasion. This allows you to collect a smaller number of higher-quality pieces, keeping your wardrobe to a minimum. Jewelry designs based on earthly elements also never go out of style because it is within our very nature to be inspired by the natural world.

No matter what styles come in and out of fashion, there will always be a place for bohemian creativity, that which is derived from our mutual love of the planet we inhabit. Jewelry based on raw stone, simple metals, and a natural flair can become family heirlooms passed on from parent to child over generations.

Come see what we have to store for you in our shop. We have a very inclusive collection of simplistic boho jewelry and accessories to suit any style or event. Our rings, necklaces, and bracelets make fantastic gifts, and we ship worldwide.