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Jewelry Christmas Gift Guide

Anytime of the year is a great time to give the gift of jewelry. Since Christmas is such a special time we hold in our hearts, jewelry is the perfect treasure to give. On the other hand, if you’re like me, give the gift to yourself, after all you know what you like best! Mier Luo Let’s start the holidays out with a true artist, Mier Luo. Mier creates handmade sophisticated porcelain pieces that are dipped in gold. Each piece is minimal and inspired by the nature. Her work is a reminder of our constant connection to the earth. Her modern aesthetic develops versatile pieces that work in special events or daily wear. This makes a great gift for the...

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Turquoise: Timeless Nature and Unique Beauty

With its timeless nature and unique beauty, turquoise is a stone most of us are drawn to. It’s colorful and calm, adding the perfect touch of style and elegance to any look. However, though most of us are familiar with turquoise on a surface level, the majority of people aren’t educated when it comes to the differing types and varying quality of the stone. Luckily, we’re here to help. Here is everything you need to know when buying quality turquoise stones.

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Why We Love Nature-Inspired Minimalist Jewelry Designs

Minimalist might not be the first word that comes to mind when you think of Jewelry, but it should be. While we might not need adornments to survive, simple, elegant pieces can help us positively express ourselves. It seems like minimalism in design is all the rage these days, and the movement has touched every niche, including fashion and jewelry. This is why Emerald Aurora sources both natural and minimalist designed boho jewelry for our shop. Part of our mission is to capture the wild free spirit of mother nature and eternalize it in artistic creations you can wear.    How Natural And Minimal Go Hand In Hand When dealing with nature-based designs, a minimalist approach helps you take natural...

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Our Connection To Nature

When building our company, we decided on the name Emerald Aurora as a reminder of our connection to nature. Without nature we wouldn't have a source for the beautiful jewelry we offer you today. Emerald Aurora signifies the natural world that is admired with eye opening awe that can't be fully understood.  We hope the jewelry you find at Emerald Aurora inspires you to see the beauty in nature. Our new products such as Solar System Stacked Bangle Set includes gorgeous color And lighting effects that seem out of this world!

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Creativity During Coronavirus

Finding purpose during a pandemic when in isolation does not come easily. We are all learning new hobbies, skills and ways of being in today's world. In the past, many found their main purpose in working or shopping, yet Covid has put a halt on life as usual. We are finding new ways to bring purpose into our lives, hopefully these new paths are more enriching and deeper than in years past. Do you use creativity to solve the new problems your facing now? Has today’s world inspired you to change for the better? Emerald Aurora serves as my art and business project to learn, grow and connect to the world. It’s my hope Emerald Aurora will be your resource of...

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