Jewelry Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide

Anytime of the year is a great time to give the gift of jewelry. Since Christmas is such a special time we hold in our hearts, jewelry is the perfect treasure to give. On the other hand, if you’re like me, give the gift to yourself, after all you know what you like best!

Mier Luo

Let’s start the holidays out with a true artist, Mier Luo. Mier creates handmade sophisticated porcelain pieces that are dipped in gold. Each piece is minimal and inspired by the nature. Her work is a reminder of our constant connection to the earth. Her modern aesthetic develops versatile pieces that work in special events or daily wear. This makes a great gift for the modern art lover.

Yugen Handmade

Yugan nods its head to the beauty of the galaxy and stars all around us. After all we are all stardust, why not appreciate its beauty? Yugan offer women and men designs that are designed after moons, planets and galaxies. What a perfect gift for someone interested in astronomy or astrology!



Annah Chakola is the designer of Annahmol. She is a world traveler that is originally from India. Annah is inspired by her homeland and its shown in the beauty of her pieces. Many stones are natural and raw just as the earth intended. Colors have a natural relax tone that is wearable at any occasion. Her work shows appreciation of the earth by offering eco-friendly, upcycled pieces. We all should protect the nature that brings us the jewelry pieces we will treasure this Christmas season.